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Viome Reviews (Weight Loss Testing)

About Viome

Basically, Viome is the service of gut sequencing subscription which is based on the sample of poo that you test. Viome also offers the recommendation respective to diet. Which is based on that result are designed that increases the diversity of your body and improves health.

No doubt, many other guts are there in the market which is performing the same but the main difference between virome and general guts is the nature of sequencing methodology. Normally, all casual or general guts use the service of 16S sequencing which helps to identify the genus level, where Viome is based on the Meta-transcription sequences, which not only identify the genus level but also find strain, stress and other down species.

Advantage of Viome

What if you keep knowing or stay familiar to the active bacteria, strain or stress of the body? You may like this idea of moving with the pocket list of info of your body strain and stress. There is a possibility that you may have Ackermansiawarriowomanii, present in the guts. But here is the question is it a positive or negative thing? Should we do encourage this or not?

Basically, this tells us what to eat and why. Everybody is different in nature if someone needs something it doesn’t mean that another person needs the same. The same diet can be poison for others. We don’t from which disease he is suffering from. So Viome helps to take diet according to his body demand, this not only suggests that diet but also give the reason.

Why should we take Viome?

As we mentioned up there someone’s diet can be poison for others because everybody doesn’t demand the same. Whereas human shares up-to 99 percent of their DNA, tremendous diversity exists between us, when it comes to what’s actually happening in our exclusive microbiomes, the cornerstone of our body and second brain. And we are quite familiar that fad and unhealthy or unrequired diet may lead us to major destruction of the body even death. However, when we became to know the root of the reason this becomes too late. If we want to get rid of this we must know about what we are having. Make sure that what kind of food we are having is healthy or not. If we want to live luxury life respective to heath we mush have to follow a proper diet plan via healthy diet track.

How Viome Work?

Whenever a product is launched in the market, first it gets the permit from the govt., gets clearance from the medical research and after these studies introduced in the market. Similarly, Viome is in the market after going through these steps. So there is no any point of doubt in its working. Basically, viome helps to find the perfect diet which fulfills the requirement of your body. And you can tune finely the functioning of your gut microbiome with the personalized diet according to the order to restore beneficial bacteria in your guts. Furthermore, it makes easy to lowering inflammation in your body, increases the energy of your body and overall improves your health in good means.

Viome makes the list of the food according to your body requirement, we can say that it suggests or recommends the right food in order to help microbiome stimulate the production of healthy nutrient that your body actually need at that time. It also minimizes the production of toxins, which may cause inflammation inside your body.

Dietary Recommendations from Viome

As we mentioned before Viome recommends proper diet plan according to the need of our body. Normally we share the experience of other users by collecting their reviews, here we are mentioning the words of my friend. He told us that, in the beginning of the career of using Viome was really to wonder. All its recommendation were on the basis of the substantial and the weather. To confirm this we dp experiment on this by involving an elaborate experiment where many of us were guided to indulge in beets while the rest was not allowed like the plague.

Recently, virome has released a video to provide basic and further information and explanation of the guts sequencing. Which is available in the results of your body, however, this suggests the functioning and metabolising detail, not currently made for us in this app, used for the recommendation.

How does it suggest Diet Plan?

We are not suggesting this for our side but after collecting reviews and results. All reviews were positive about this, claims that, we found all the recommendation of virome pretty cool. And all of those are in the basis of scientific though. This recommendation satisfies the current position or situation of the body. Basically, it do not suggest on the basis of SAD (standard American Diet), instead, it sees the requirement of the body.

However, it is not fat phobic and not afraid to suggest such goods which are restricted. For instance, some things are restricted to me like margarine, wheat, raisins, etc. Actually, my diet plan is on the basis of 40 percent calories. Which is derived from the proteins, really challenging. And on the other hand on every 2000 calories per day, it would require me to squeeze in something like chicken breast each day.

My superfood list is interesting but disappointingly isn’t supported by evidence. Or at least not evidence that Viome has considered sharing with me. Still, I like beef and beets and I could mix all those ingredients into tasty meaty borscht. So there seems no harm in giving it a go.

Disadvantages of Viome

When we get a satisfactory result from this product Viome, start relying on it completely. In fact, we start seeing our future where we know the species present in guts of our body, could lead you to the specific action. And are also chances that medical intervention, for instance, you discover that you suffering from the nasty parasite.  In its result, Viome should inform the user of any error found in its test result and should alert the user to make the change. However, it not seems to be part of Viome’s work though.

Somewhere in the reviews of users we also found the error of it that, its result keep changing when they start comparing screenshots of it. Not too much but there was variation in its result.  The guy who claim that there is variation in its result he also show the list of his bacteria record It was changed. When their results were first issue, of course, showed over the details, expecting to find something interesting. The closest it came to that was discovering a rare sludge bacteria was residing in my gut.

Viome Testing

As this product disagrees with the concept of a one size fit all diet which is better for the health. That why Viome put forwarded a test which can allow making eating and diet recommendations. It employs advanced equipment at the national lab of Los Alamos, determines the strain of bacteria. And also finds the species of organisms live in your body guts. With this advanced and powerful technology, they are able to evaluate the active each type of bacteria. Whether microorganisms act on your food which produces toxins or breaks down nutrients into beneficent substances. After these researches, there nutrition’s scientist provides exact information to an AL engine. Through which they recommend such a diet plan or food according to the demand of our body. These recommended diets, if eaten respectively will keep guts of your body balanced.

Viome cost

This got popularity in no time due to its awesome performance, this is now available in the market where from you can easily get this. Viome test is in the market at the price of 399$ US dollars. If you want to get a discount on this product keeps an eye at its price on special occasions. Manufacturer Company offers special discount and sale offer for the promotion of the product. Moreover, they also provide free test service on the first test. Similarly, many other companies offer the same. There is one more service is including in Viome services is metatranscriptome testing but this is not involved in first free service due to its high cost.


Viome is successfully providing their service. Which is on the merit of the research and the science-based as evidence to make perfect their service and preventing from the claims. This product first check entire body, finds lessen of anything. And then suggest and recommends us a perfect diet plan actually required for our body. If someone has specific guts problem i.e. IBS, for this GI Map test is recommend, as this is best to start. However, viome is unable to test wide level bacteria including digesting enzymes or such other intestinal health indicator.

As its working is proved from its reviews by using this you can enjoy the luxury of life respective to diet. And this is easily available in reliable price in the market (399$).

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