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You should have knowledge or understand that all users and customers of our website are responsible for their own medical treatment and care. All the content provided on UFO cotton candy including text, dosages, treatments, charts, graphics, images, advices and forum posting are only for informational purposes. We only do deep research of each and every medicine first and then write content of them for our website. SO, do not completely follow our instructions. You should also concern with your professional doctor, adviser, diagnosis and physician etc.

This content is not intend to establish a standard of care to follow by users of this website. You should understand that you should always first concern your doctor or other qualified health provider for advice. You also should understand that you will never disregard or delay seeking medical advices relating to standard of care and treatments because as we said we only do deep research first and then provide our best information as we can for each and every medical or weight loss product on our website named UFO cotton candy.

As you know that medical information changes every day. Therefore, the information providing on our website or linking websites should not be considered current, complete or exhaustive. Nor should you rely on such information to recommend a course for you or any other individual. Reliance on any information provide on this website or any linked website is solely at your own risk.

The UFO cotton candy does not recommend you or endorse you any specific tests, procedures, products, opinions and other information etc. Again and again repeated that we only do deep research as our best. And then provide information related to that product. The other linked websites may be containing text, graphics, images or other information that you find offensive. UFO cotton candy has no control on those websites and also accepts no responsibility for such materials.


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